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    Hello all!

    Not some short time ago it has been mentioned by the Free Pascal development team that is due for a website redesign, which is great news as the current one, though offers a lot of information, is indeed tricky to navigate for those not familiar with it.

    I was wondering what sorts of information and other things you, the average FPC or non-FPC users, would like to see on their new site.

    Besides the obviouly improved graphical design, I'd love to have both a general and a technical [size=9px](more in-depth)[/size] description of new features for each new major stable release. Perhaps a nice chart showing key features and new and improved platform support lists.

    A nice big flashy 'DOWNLOAD' or 'GET FREE PASCAL!' button would be great too. Give new and old users alike a nice 'one-click' way to access the latest version in a common way.
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    I'd like to see more news on the front page. Yes, and a good decription of new features and changes would be nice, I few times I've blindly updated FPC not really knowing what's different.

    I agree aswell, a big ol' GET IT NOW button or two (one for windows and linux), would be handy.

    It could do with an updated and more comprihensive 'Programmers Tools' section. And also, an easier to read and navigate 'Bugs' section.

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    I think that would be great. I didn't like the old page. No really, the first few times I didn't know where and what to download.

    I think an easier and "better" looking design would contribute to the impression you get of FPC and maybe even alter the image of the compiler
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