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Thread: Master Of Magic Clone

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    Master Of Magic Clone

    Yep, and what's more it's based on Doom engine I think that there were some fan "upgrades" of Doom/Doom II, so maybe one day...

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    Master Of Magic Clone

    Their website is gone - I hope that doesn't mean the end of the project.
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    Oh wow, this project has been lost from the internet a long long time ago.

    Why not start a project of your own? A 4x game like Master of Magic or it's more recent spiritual successor Age of Wonders (1, 2 & Shadow Magic were all made using Delphi btw!) seems like a fun project.
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    @FoxAndy it was pretty terrible. If you need a MoM fix I suggest Fallen Enchantress: legendary heroes - great game. I have played it extensively and I can recommend it to anyone who enjoys turnbased fantasy 4x games
    The views expressed on this programme are bloody good ones. - Fred Dagg

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    Thank you all for your answers. I know that there are other games in this topic, but I want (if this possible) to get this particular game, the final version of 0.6.0. Thank you for your attention.

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