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Thread: OpenAL priority "Intelligent Source Manager"

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    Here says:

    Invalid Floating Point Operation

    What do I do?

    Break here :
    // calculate how much time would whole sound take to play at current pitch.
    one_frame_ms := buffsize / bits / freq; // 44100 <----------------------------------
    one_frame_ms := one_frame_ms / VirtualSource.Pitch;


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    what type is one_frame_ms? Integer? You'd need to either:
    one_frame_ms := buffsize div bits div freq
    or you could
    one_framce_ms := trunc(buffsize / bits / freq)

    and you might want to consider using brackets just to be extra sure you don't cause a bug that may be marginally annoying
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    Update: i put the project on github and edited links:
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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