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Thread: Got a better PC

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    Okay, shall I?
    My main desktop PC is an AMD FX-6100 (six core) at 3.3 GHz with 8 GB RAM and 1000 GB HDD. Graphics Card is a AMD Radeon HD 7770 with (only) 1GB of DDR-5 RAM (but fast). Since a few years I own a SAMSUNG display with 24 inch which shows me 1920 x 1080 pixels. Rather nice but somehow I will need a higher resolution soon ...
    My laptop is a HP 650 with also 8 HB of RAM and Intel B980 @ 2 x 2.40 GHz and a 500 GB HDD with 1366 x 786 resolution.
    And a lot of more in my shop starting from a Intel DualCore @ 2 x 2.2 GHz to a AMD Sempron @ 1.8 GHz to a really nice fanless IGEL Thin client 5/4 with a VIA 1GHZ C7 CPU and 256 MB RAM. I have an external HDD with 320 GB attached and using it as a Haiku-OS desktop. All PCs in my shop have a 4:3 display ranging from 1024 x 768 to 1280 x 1024.
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    My current machine is a Lenovo G770 laptop. It's where I do all my code outside of work. Got an i3-2310m (Intel HD Graphics 3000) and a Radeon HD6650M with 8GB DDR3-1033. The switchable graphics are nice for testing different rendering paths. When at home, I plug it into a 22" 1920x1080 monitor for more work space, and use a proper keyboard/mouse. Since it's possible to switch the processor for another one, I'm thinking of putting an i5 into it eventually. I've gone through a lot of different PCs and components, but I started out with a 386 16 MHz, 8MB of RAM and 160MB of disk (gifted to me), then moved onto a 486 with 4MB of RAM (a reject from my school ). Those were my Turbo Pascal days

    Moved to an Athlon64 3000+, 512MB RAM and a Radeon X600 in 2005. Upgraded later to a 4000+, 1GB of RAM and a GeForce 7600GT. Got a more powerful machine at home now, and upgrade every few years, but I don't use it. I've always had an additional PC which ranged from a Celeron, P2, P3, P4 and others and ranging from 64 to 1GB of RAM and various GPUs. I'd make a PC out of cheap components, or those people wanted to throw away. Used the side machine a lot for development since my primary PC was shared in the family.

    For now there is not much need to use anything more powerful than my laptop. Also got a P4, 512MB server in a corner of my room, which would be easily replaced with a small ARM box. Have a feeling that server might fail soon. No worries, doing backup
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    As we are running a hardware porn geek convention, I feel the need to share my setting, here I go:
    - Mainboard MSI 770 C45
    - AMD Phenom II x4 945
    - 4GB x2 Kingston DDR3 in dual channel setup
    - Nvidia GT220 1GB DDR3 vram
    - x2 320GB Seagate + 1TB Seagate Hard disk
    - Case Thermaltake with 800w power source
    - LG Flatron E2551 (max res 1920x1080)

    My previous rigs were donate to my trashcan as some burned or decay because of overwork/insane testing of weird stuff. Also have a little jewel in my arsenal: ASUS Transformer TF101 with keyboard/dock (recently upgraded to KitKat 4.3.1).

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    I'm rocking a quad core I7 960 (3.2ish ghz), 6GB tri-channel DDR3, NVidia GTX480 and some spindle drives for my main PC. The specs/motherboard were specifically selected so I could run Mac OSX on the machine (hackintosh) which I do with full 3D accelerator support in OSX. I actually hate OSX but it's for development and testing, Iphone as well, so I needed it. I also run Win7 64bit and WinXP 64bit from different drives on this system, but that's mainly for gaming and a bit of testing.

    I'm using an AMD A6 5350M dual core APU laptop for my day to day, it's got a built in Radeon HD 8450G and 4gb dual channel DDR3, shared video memory. It's not anywhere near as fast as my desktop (Hitman absolution averages 16fps in benchmark!) but the GPU does contain the latest shader model structure so I can develop in GL4, which is far more than I could of expected from an Intel system at the same price-point.

    It's very handy having both Nvidia and AMD GPU's to test code on - especially with GL4.x and various super new extensions. Plus the slower performance of the laptop gives me a good target to optimize for.
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