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Thread: Banished - an awesome game

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    Banished - an awesome game

    Hi, I just wanted to show you "Bansihed":
    This is a pretty awesome game because it's done by one person! I think that's what most of us would like to do: building a game and having a success story to tell. It's a pity that he didn't use Pascal.
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    Yes that is quite awsome game but it still has lots of room for improvment.
    There is a big defference between many of us and the developer of Banished.
    While most of us try to make our own game by ourself to promote ourselves to rest of gaming comunity the developer of banished is a game developer which has lots of existing expirience from gaming comunity mostly on graphical development and animation as he worked for severa gaming studios.
    Now main goal for him to make Banished on his own was to learn other aspects of game development (besides graphics and animation) and ability to work on it own pace which is usually not posible when working in larger game studios.

    Now for a single person he created awsome looking game (no surprise) which runs verry smothly (I don't remember last game which looked so great and runned so smoth on my laptop). You can see that he doesn't have so much expirience on other areas of game development (mediocre AI, low ingame depth, poor balancing, etc.).
    But I must admit that he still positively surprised me with certain things. I was especially surprised when he decided to implement heuristic pathfinding. Verry few Indie developers do so. If he wouldn't have done that I would have definitly sugested this to him as it was already on my sugestion list.
    Now I must also say that he not only created a game on his own but he also created its own game engine and bunch of tools which he used in making of Banished. Some of these tools will be published with his mod kit for banished. And that is AWSOME!

    As for game not being developed in Pascal: In one of the interview when he was asked about why he used C++ he mentioned that he considered several programing languages (even metioned pascal) but becouse he has created his own game engine from scratch he decided to use C++ as it is more suitable for that kind of a job (something most of us would argue about ).
    Anywhay if Banished would be have been developed in pascal I would definitely be one of those pepole offering my help in development.
    Heck I would do the same for so many good games out there but not many of them are written in Pascal.
    Well when I think of I'm kinda already helping several games even thou they aren't writen in Pascal. In most cases I do this by providing suggestion and quite often even indepth explanation of logic required for implementation of such suggestion.


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