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Thread: Hello & How to upload midlets easy

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    Hello & How to upload midlets easy

    Hi all,
    I am also a MP user (in the past...)
    I was browsing MP forums and its dead.
    Too bad.

    So anyway i own a site that can help you guys.
    My site allows hosting of j2me JAR files for free and no registeration.
    You upload, get a code and connect thourgh WAP and get it instantly.

    I want to extend the midlets section in my site like making a showcase of each programmer who wish to show his apps or games.

    so any suggestions or site review's will be great.

    ohh and another thing before i found this forum i created also a forum in my site for MP and MobileBasic and OmegaBasic refugees. Its seems J2ME language wrappers are dying young (!).

    My site :
    My j2me forums :

    Thank guys

    And hello!

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    Hello & How to upload midlets easy

    Hi CellFreaker,
    Welcome to our humble forums. When I have a bit more time I'll look into using your site for some of my MP games.
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