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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Hello scottd! Welcome to PGD.
    I hope your stay here would be as pleasant as possible.

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    My profile still says its "moderated"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
    My profile still says its "moderated"?
    Not any more. Had you read the first post in this thread entirely you would have seen this:
    4. Come back later and check back up on us. It may take a bit of time to approve your posts and set you as a Regular Member, but unless you come back, it won't do you any good. And we really do want you to be a member of the site!
    The way how system works is that after your posts here have been approved (unfortunately this could take a day or two since we moderators doesn't visit the forum every single day). And then after your initial post has been approved by one of the moderators you still have to spend a bit of time browsing through the forum (being logged in of course) so that automatic promotion system can kick in and promote you into regular user.
    I know this isn't the most friendly system especially from new members point of view but it is far better than having tons of spam all around the forum. I still remember days before we added this system when we were getting between 200 to 600 SPAM posts on a daily basis. Not to mention of daily getting between 80 to 200 new fake account whose only purpose was SPAM posting. During peaks the amount of SPAM and new fake user accounts has even been causing severe performance issue of the entire site.

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    program HelloEveryone;
    uses crt;

    writeln('Hello, everyone!');


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    Ahhh, the high art of using edlin as ide.


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    Lazarus Game Contest 2018

    Hi, I'm Lainz from the Lazarus forum. We're making a Game Contest in the new Games sub forum. Here a copy of the actual information on the contest thread:,39495.0.html

    Since 2015 we're making contests on the Graphics forum. And now we have the new Games sub forum! The previous year we had five games in the Graphics Contest. So this year we will focus on games!

    - The game you submit must be a new game, not a work in progress game or an already made game.
    - The game source code must be released as open source, GPL or MIT.
    - The game must be made with FPC or Lazarus, but you can use third party libraries compiled with other languages (SDL for example).
    - All games must follow the topic described below.
    - All games will be voted in a single poll, does not matter the genre of the game.

    - This year topic is 'retro games', so the graphics and music of the game must be retro style, say 8 bit or 16 bit (NES, SNES, Sega Genesis styles or older, not newer).

    - 6 months from now, until 31 June 2018. No exceptions. On August 2018 we will vote for the best game.

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