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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Welcome Lainz and djucl!
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    Cool Hello world!

    Hello world

    This is the first post of many (hopefully)

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    Cool some info abaut me

    i been programming in basic for +-30 year now
    from 7 years ago i been learning c++ and pyhon
    now i m learning lazarus
    i m active on : [dutch ]
    see what keeps me from the street : [dutch ][ titus ]

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    Cool this is me

    hello everybody
    i have ben programming for +-30 years in basic
    7 year in c++ and python
    my experaince lies in librays
    i m not so good at creating NEW games
    see : [ dutch ] [ dutch ] [ titus ]
    i m interested in ai an graphics

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    Hello world !

    Hello PGD community, I'm Delphi user, and i'm interesting about game development.

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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello! Delphi and Virt's Pascal are the best!

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    Looking to use Asphyre engine and would like to ask questions here

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    New to Lazarus and Freepascal

    Hi, I'm new here. I currently program in Visual Basic .NET, but I would like to convert my understanding to Freepascal and Lazarus. I am interested in Game Development. I'm here to ask very beginner questions about using Freepascal for OpenGL programming and to ask about performance related issues in comparison to other languages, for game development.

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    Talking It's good to see the pascal community is still going strong

    Hi, hello, how are ya?

    In 1996 I was shopping at my local Media Play when I came across the first Delphi, and fell in love.

    For years I eagerly followed all of the sites related to Pascal and audio, graphics, and games programming. Sulaco,, delphi3d, Flipcode; I even had my own site, MagnumStudios, for a few years. Then life got in the way and development and I drifted apart.

    Fast forward to 2018 and I've been relearning Delphi to the point that I've ported most of my old projects to current standards, including my pet project, which I'm hoping to bring up to a releasable state within the year.

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