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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Hello everyone. I'm a veteran Delphi desktop app developer that is tired of doing the same old thing. I've been working on a game idea for the last year and now it is time to put those ideas to code. All I need is a 3D engine and a community willing to slap me in the right direction if I wander off too far. I look forward to picking some of your brains. *queue maniacal laugh*

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    G'day, I like tinkering with Pascal on the early 68000k Macs

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    First Post

    Interesting system. Makes good sense.

    I'm hoping to learn all sorts of languages (C++, Pascal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python), and would like to grow in all of them.

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    I noticed the date on most posts are over a year ago. Is this forum still alive and kicking?

    I maintain Pascal Central (, and recently have been talking with a journalist from an Australian gaming magazine. She'd like to interview so current developers doing current work on video games coded in Pascal. I'll post this in a better threat later, required to post here first.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PascalCentral View Post
    I noticed the date on most posts are over a year ago. Is this forum still alive and kicking?
    Hi, and welcome. Yeah, still alive and kicking and hopefully will have much more activity soon.
    Existence is pain

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    I am curious about pascal game development and I think I will find some useful information here.

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    Just Registered for pascal game development.


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    Just registered! Would like to learn as much as I can, just found out about this and am so excited.

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    ZZZZZZZ waiting for approval

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    First post, as instructed.

    Hey guys,

    My daughter ( has come up with her own idea for a game.
    Knowing daddy is a programmer, and as all little daddy's girls do, she convinced me to program it.

    I've mostly done windowed, DB and boring programming, so I figured I'll need some help with either Andorra2D or ZenGL, or even nxPascal, since I've not decided yet which engine to use.

    Anything BUT Scratch


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