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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Good day

    Hoping to get some answers here for a problem I am having for some time, and nothing works.

    Unable to get freepascal and lua to play along, and as much as I want to use pascal, if i cannot get it to work, i will have to learn c in order to do what i need to do.


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    Second attempt.

    Need help to get freepascal and lua to work together. Since the first post, I managed to get freepascal to load lua. Now I am trying to load a freepascal module using lua. I know it can be done using C either way, and I managed to get half way so far with fpc.

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    Talking Hello!!!!!

    Hi everybody.
    My name is Maximiliano, im from Argentina.
    My english is poor, but hope can you understand me.

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    Hello, new people. I hope you'll make great games.
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    hello there! welcome. no one will judge you for your poor english .

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