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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Welcome to all the new members

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    I am using fpc lazarus in linux environment to build a game to my grand children. And I need to dive deeper into maths. Before my retirement I worked a lot with Oracle PL/SQL which has some similarities with pascal. And also a great deal of javascript. But coding a game is another universe! I look förward to take part of your experiance!

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    Nice. Please keep us updated Per

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    I am New Here

    Hello everyone, my name is Anna. I am interested in Game Development and hope to learn here something new and interesting.

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    I'm interested in graphic and game development in pascal.
    I use FPC on many platforms

    I hope can find here help for my issues


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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone

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    Esta es mi primera vez en el foro.
    Estoy interesado en la creación de componentes para Delphi.

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    hello everyone

    Hello to everyone! Em here to find something interesting and I think em at the right place.

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    Hello guys! I am a newbie here.

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    Welcome, new guys

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