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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Hi Thisal.

    I've look for HGE and it only shows a disturbing disease. What is it?
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    I see. Thanks.

    Not much information here since it is a C++ engine.
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    I want to learn to become a game developer. Hope you can help me out

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    Post My First Post

    Hi, I've just learned Pascal and would love to learn some OpenGL too, and i'm glad that i've found this community.

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    Welcome to the new people.
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    Confirmation of registration.

    Hi! Several years ago I already registered under the nickname "rts111", but now I can’t remember the password, and my old mailbox is not working. Here, I made a new account.I am making an MMORTS game and development tools in Pascal.

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    Hi Pascal-phytes

    Just here for the food

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