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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Hi, this is my initial post. I just started learning Free Pascal and Lazarus and hope to learn making games. I'm interested in Roguelikes and 2D games I played back in my youth on the C64.


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    Hello, returning to Pascal land after almost a decade apart. I was making web games but I'm fed up with that at this point.

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    Hi everyone!

    So as the name suggests I'm a Noobie when it comes to Pascal, hoping to learn a fair bit about it, I'll create a thread with some questions after I read all the sticky threads on the forum.

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    Welcome all

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    Hi all new here

    Hi my name is Dan. I'm an old school programmer used Pascal ver 5-7 back in the day.
    free Pascal looks good for a few things i want to do. So i am here thanks all..

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    Hi new people.
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    Hi everyone!
    Whish everyone having a nice time here!

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    Hi, I am looking forward to getting my feet wet here.

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