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Thread: Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here in this thread

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    Keeping Delphi/pascal coding flag up since 90'

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    Hello everyone! Glad to see you!

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    Delphi the best!

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    Hello there! I'm new if it wasn't previously obvious, i recently got back into pascal, and decided a text based RPG would be a good way to start. So far its relatively new, still scraping off some rust. I hadn't learnt more than unextended pascal, so discovering object-oriented pascal, lazarus IDE and all these new variations, was exciting to say the least. I intend to complete this CLI project, then move towards object oriented pascal and hopefully make a GUI adaption of it. When i found there was a community of pascal game developers, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn, and to maybe share what I make in hopes of some constructive criticism I intend to be an active member, and am willing to help in any way i can. For anyone interested, the alpha 1.0 is on sourceforge, titled RDGN, will be updating it regularly

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    Hi everyone

    hi everyone,
    Just found this forum after looking for information about SDL2 and possible use of filter shaders (aka crt for example), I am sure I am going to learn a lot here, thanks

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    Hi there

    Good to find a forum related to pascal. I'm writing software for a cards game - just for fun and without commercial interest but nevertheless with corona motivated ambition

    I have a front-end server written in JavaScript and a backend-server written in Lazarus Pascal. Both need to send messages to each other. The data to be transferred are coded in JSON. I think Sockets could do the job. Does anybody has experience in such a scenario or could give me a hint how to achieve this. Would be very much appreciated!

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    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, glad to join your community.
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    LTR (Long time lurker), but finally had to register. I am looking for ways to efficiently create SmartTV applications using Pascal. I have previous experience building them with C++, but wanted to try something different.

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    Welcome, new members

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    Hello everyone,
    Looking for some information on HGE,
    GoodLuck For Your.

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