Hi all,

I have tweaked this feedback forum a little. The first thing you'll notice if you post here is that you now have a choice of thread prefixes. The prefixes available to you are as follows:-

[Site Issue - New] - If you spot a problem with the website, post here in this thread and set the prefix to this one. It makes spotting issues easier and also lets others know that there may be a potential issue (that way I won't be deluged with PM's and/or emails). Of course if the site is off-line then please send me an email to athena at pascalgamedevelopment dot com. When I'm investigating the prefix will change to... [Site Issue - Investigating] and when I've fixed it... [Site Issue - Resolved]
[Review Request - New] - Since this is a community site, you can create articles. If you do and you want a member of staff to review it, use this prefix. When a member of staff picks it up for review they'll change the prefix to... [Review Request - In Progress] and when they've done... [Review Request - Done]
[Publish Request - New] - The follow on from [Review Request]. When your article is ready to be published, post here and use this prefix. A member of staff will give it one final review and either reject it... [Publish Request - Rejected] or publish it... [Publish Request - Done]/[Publish Request - Scheduled]

If you have ideas for content but don't feel that you are capable of producing it, please let us know. You can PM or any member of staff with such ideas.