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Thread: Sign Me Up

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    I'm definitely interested, and I've got a handful of things to contribute:

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    I am willing to help, too. I'm covered with Delphi + Mobile SA, own a Mac and have direct acces to Apple devices (phones/tablets) as well as various Android devices (phones/tablets). I could do testing, code reviews and bug fixing (I am a long term experienced full time Delphi developer).
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    Please sign me up too. I don't have much time to contribute, but I will only promise work when I actually can deliver. I own a Mac, and Windows computer, I do not have a license for Delphi, which means I will only be able to test my code on FPC.


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    I'm going to signup with reservations, mosty lack of knowlege about the project and licence or the lack of.

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    sign me up, maybe will be able to help with some bits and pieces

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    Hi guys,

    I'd like to participate too. I am one of you.


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