If you find a bug in the engine please follow these rules when reporting it.

  1. Post one bug per issue
  2. Ensure that the appropriate labels are attached to the issue
  3. Ensure that the bug has not already been reported
  4. Ensure that the bug has not already been rejected
  5. Ensure that the bug is repeatable
  6. Provide a clear and concise description of the bug
  7. Provide clear and concise instructions on how to repeat it
  8. Provide details of you environment (OS, compiler, CPU spec, graphics card spec, sound card spec)
  9. Images can be attached to issues, so if they help explain the issue, please attach them but try not to make them too big
  10. If the bug relates to other bugs that are already present, please reference them

If you report a bug and it is rejected by the team, please maintain your composure. Anyone who responds negatively if a bug they reported is rejected by the team could find themselves being punished as a result.