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    Minimon 3D

    Hello guys!
    I've been away from the forum for a quite long time, mainly because I spent the last 8 months working full time on my new project.
    What I've got here to show is probably the biggest Pascal game ever made, both in terms of code complexity and game content.

    First, what is the game about... I decided to do my own take on a Pokemon like game, but at the same time, insert a huge multiplayer component into it (those who play Pokemon games know that this a feature that we all want, but seems the developers are not interested on it).
    So, this is a MMORPG, where you capture and train monsters. You can explore a 3D world, where you can meet other players, chat with them, trade monsters or simply challenge them to duels.
    Contains more than 300 3D monsters and more than 200 locations!

    About development, what I did initially was design my own monsters (and also used designs from two other artists, I negotiated with them for permission), sketched some map for a huge world in some sheets of paper (divided into two continents) and then write a rather simple story for providing a way to players to explore the world.
    I recruited some 3d artists for making some of the more complex monsters, others I did myself. I also reused lots of art from my previous games, in order to shave development time.
    I tried to keep the cost of the development low, but still, this game still costed like 4000$ to develop, I invested my savings into it.

    About the programming itself, this project is made of 200 thousand lines of Pascal code!
    Of course, not all of it was written especifically for this project, I reused my game engine for it.
    The client and server itself took around 4 months to write, plus other 4 months to create all of the game content.

    This game also probably beats the record of platform support for Pascal games!
    Currently for sale for Android, iOS and OUYA, and with the Steam version near the top of Steam Greenlight, so it should be released soon for Windows, OSX and Linux too!
    By the way, help the Greenlight version if you have a Steam account, give your vote, here's the link!

    I am also currently working on a version for Windows Phone. FPC does not officially support this platform, but with some tricks I hope to be able to do it.
    Finally, I've also been contacted by a Chinese console manufacturer, and I'm currently working on porting the game to their console. the game is already running on the devkit, with a bit more of time it will be finished.
    This Pascal game will reach everywhere!

    Tools used:
    Code and scripting done with Notepad++, FPC and XCode
    3D stuff done with Milkshape 3D
    Textures and UI done with GIMP
    Maps done with Tiled

    The Android version is free to play, so if you have an Android phone or tablet, give it a try:

    Any questions ask me! - Crossplatform 3D game engine

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    Congradulations on your success. it looks like it was nicely done.

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    i'd check it out but why would it read my sms messages?

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    Impressive, I must say. Unfortunately I don't own an Android device, so I'll have to wait for the desktop versions. Looks promising! Keep us updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carver413 View Post
    Congradulations on your success. it looks like it was nicely done.
    Also, my game was just approved on Steam Greenlight, I'm currently studying the Steam SDK, sadly it is done in C++ so using it from Object Pascal will be tricky, but I already found a solution.
    This will be the first Pascal game on Steam, I hope it can show to pascal developers that it can be used as a serious language for commercial projects - Crossplatform 3D game engine

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    Hi, Relfols.

    Do you have a pascal/delphi implementation of Steam SDK ?
    Steam this week has given me the green light for my Delphi game MiniRacingOnline.

    Thanks. -> Nemesis Online & Bubble Bobble Online & Castlevania Online & Penguin Adventure Online

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    Impressive work!

    I decided to do my own take on a Pokemon like game
    what I did initially was design my own monsters (and also used designs from two other artists, I negotiated with them for permission)
    I'm not too into Pokemon but from this I guess you are not using the original Pokemons since this would require an expensive license, right?

    I reused my game engine for it.
    Does your game engine rely on SDL? Btw, your signature link for the game engine seems to be expired.


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