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Thread: Best approach for simple network game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ñuño Martínez View Post
    Does nomebody made any gaming using it, or there's any tutorial about how to use it in games?
    I only made some simple demo for nxPascal on how to create server and client even in single Lazarus or Delphi application. It shows how to send custom binary packets or text messages. I have noticed small bugs in the code so expect them... not had motivation to do engine coding lately, especially with community engine coming up. For the main part it works well though, and i have done a small game test with 2 flying ships over Internet too.
    nxNetwork in source and demos.

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    Nuno: I do use synapse in my projects that need network code (it even has serial support) which is really useful. If I recall, theres tutorials and documentation that is quite thorough in the source archive which I found sufficient to get going as I mentioned earlier. As for use in games - I have toyed with making a simple 2D MMORPG type engine and synapse worked wonders. Seeing as I did it just to see how hard it would be I got to the point where everything boots (server and client) and assets can be fetched/received from the server and data can be synced back and forth but beyond that it was pretty much just a question of content. What I can say is thats its a robust library that makes things very easy to code (said code was about a day and half of on/off lax development).

    If anyone has any queries, I'll gladly help out if its something I ran into though nothing really comes to mind off the bat
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    I'll investigate, and may be make a simple game or something. Thank-you.
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