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Thread: Question about PGD Community Engine

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    Question about PGD Community Engine

    So, Engine forum has been quiet for more than a month now, has the idea died already or what...?

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    No the idea hasn't died yet and I doubt it will (athleast not anytime soon).

    We are currently in the process of discussing what features we want, what programming approach will we use etc.
    Now some may think "Planning! Why do you you need much planning? Why does it takes so long? Just start coding already and give us what we want!".
    Well the thing is that when you are working on a project on your own you can usually just start without much planning but when you have a group of pepole working on nay project you deffinitly need planning so that those pepole know what should be done and who is wokring on which part. It wouldn't be productive if you have multiple pepole working on same thing each in its own way or if you have bunch of pepole working on not so important parts but there is noone working on cruical part that would combine all those tings into one neat system.

    Anywhay I belive we are we would be able to start programming soon.
    But since making a game engine is nowhere an easy task don't expect us to have ready product shortly. How much time will it take us? Nobondy knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverWarior View Post
    No the idea hasn't died yet and I doubt it will (athleast not anytime soon).

    We are currently in the process of discussing what features we want, what programming approach will we use etc.
    Where is this discussion taking place because forum is silent? I am interested in listening the discussion, is it possible?

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    I know a good portion of the <<real time discussion>> was had on IRC a short while ago - there's a log of most of it posted up somewhere if I recall and given the amount of features available to us on IRC with the PGDBot I think it will most likely become the goto place for discussion to occur. I also know the PGD bot has special features that allow non-developers to comment on discussions and meetings going on there so by all means do come and listen and provide some feedback whenever we have meetings. Its over at \pgdce on the freenode irc server (there is also a generalized \\pgd channel for general stuff). Logs for future meetings should be available at http://pgdbot.pascalgamedevelopment....Logs/%23pgdce/

    At the moment, we seem to be at the point where we have a general consensus on what we do and and don't want to do as well as a general idea of how the engine itself will be laid out with some basic design principles. The perceived delay being the result of unifying all that information into a document for everyone to start working off of - something I think might see in the next week or two (I know I have a reasonably charged exam season as do others on the team) so once those are over a few of us will have a lot more time to spend on the project hopefully
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    Hi wodzu,

    The idea has definitely not died... when I originally posted I was seriously overwhelmed by the supported shown for the idea and the eagerness (including myself) of everyone to get started on it. Unfortunately due to work and study commitments I have been unable to dedicate the time I wanted to the project, but that situation is going to change next week when I have the final exam for this years round of study... plus I'm having a week off work so I plan on doing some development

    The bulk of discussions about the engine itself have been taking place in a private developer forum. The reason for this was simply to try and keep the noise down to a minimum in terms of things like feature requests etc. that would inevitably be made whilst we held the initial discussions about the project. Most of what's been discussed is about the design and a lot of boring stuff like where should we host the repository, what coding conventions should we use and such like. I'm not going to open that forum because ultimately the developers on the project should have somewhere they can chat in private.

    We appear to have reached a consensus in terms of the basic starting point for the architecture. I'm getting that together now, when it's done and the developers have read it and approved it, it will be submitted to the project repository on Github and everyone will have the chance then to have a read. To be honest, reaching a consensus didn't take as long as I expected as we all appear to have similar views on how to approach the project. Longer term, one of the conventions that's been stipulated upfront is PasDoc comments in the code, so as the design develops we won't be updating this initial document as we will release API documentation with each release.

    So, in short... stand by for some updates and some action
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