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Thread: Project Helena TBS/RPG (alpha version)

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    Lightbulb Project Helena TBS/RPG (alpha version)

    Project Helena is a Win/Linux turn-based strategy/RPG game (at this point it is more of a strategy than a RPG). Player has several units and has to destroy enemy bots.
    The turn-based battle system is similar to first X-coms, Jagged Alliance, Lost colony, etc.

    The game is written completely in Lazarus/FPC, free and opensource .

    What is ready: The game is a completely playable turn-based strategy. The player can select map parameters, difficulty and battle enemy bots. The game has 29 randomly-generated map types, good strategy for enemy bots.
    ToDo: Still no sound & bad graphic. I'm going to switch to the Castle Game Engine for nice graphics and sound implementation. There's still almost no RPG part of the game. Also a tutorial will be implemented and controls will be made more WYSIWYG.

    While the there will be a RPG story (though it will not be complex), the main aspect of the game will be TBS.
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    Looks promising. Keep up the work!
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    looking good...looking forward to more

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    Test Snapshot of Project Helena

    Castle Game Engine.
    - Sound
    - Music
    - Graphics

    Upgrade unfinished yet but already significantly improved.
    Sorry for huge file size, but I haven't yet managed to involve libvorbis and the music is temporarily in WAV. I hope I'll fix it soon.

    Win64bit. ... p/download
    I'll try to recompile it for 32 bit and Linux soon.
    All the required dll are provided. But in case no sound, OpenAL should be installed (available in the archive)

    Stil missing:
    Highlighting possible attack positions (really needed).
    Shot animation
    Damage display after explosion (already in place after usual shot).
    Interface sometimes lags update (non critical).
    And etc. according to 'todo' including improving music, sound & graphic.
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    New testing version:

    New map tiles
    New enemy bot type
    Many bugfixes & visual improvements
    Music is now in OGG (size reduced) & more sounds
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    Almost a stable version:
    Item description is back in Testing
    Russian is back in Testing
    Caution mode is back in Testing
    (+) Time Units remaining are displayed in Caution mode plus time to recharge also displayed

    Still some optimizations & bugfixes needed...

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    Gave it a quick playthrough. I think the interface is very non-obvious and some introduction would be much helpful. Also, being able to zoom the game screen would be nice. Other than that, it works quite okay.

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    Back to stable branch:

    Wow... you were absolutely right... Seemed so obvious to me, but I took me 14 minutes to explain all the controls... I must seriously optimize the interface

    Video Tutorial is ready:

    Russian Tutorial is also available at my channel.
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    Let's play (an epic fail at 150th difficulty):


    Russian Let's play also available at my channel.
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