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Thread: Asphyre Sphinx access pattern

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    Hello Everyone, SilverWarrior,

    Well life was busy for me. I've actually managed to move from Car Washing into Warehous work , then to Systemadministrator and then to Management IT in 2 years in Germany. Doing lots of Logistic programming, which is immense fun. And in my free time when I have some power left, I try to continue my game. Which I think progressed nicely. Right now there is no download available because it's not done. But I've already uploaded a video of the menu and the first level.

    It's a simple vertical shoot-em up game. The AI is very-very basic. The graphics is all done by me (I am not the best painter...) , the music was found on the internet along with the sound effects. For the speech I've used Free Online Speech Synthetisators , from where I've recorded the voice. The game is using Apshyre Sphinx, with DracuLIN s awesome Sprite Enigne. For the music and sound effect I am using bass.dll .

    The Editor is now actually storing the level data along with the enemies ( boss included ) . We have 4 layers for background and 1 layer for Enemies. Each level can have different effects. First level which is available has Stars coming down fast in the background, second level which is not yet completed has clouds...

    The menu is working .
    New Game

    The game can have multiple levels each level ends with a boss fight , boss has own unique music . Each level has a end level debriefing.
    HUD is not yet drawn, but the points are calculated.
    Also the player cannot die yet... I need to do some testing , alter enemi placement etc...

    Enemies have different hp's , different bullets, explosions sound etc....
    And a lot of stuff I probably forget . It was and still is a lot of fun to be finally able to do something that finally works on my laptop as well without any lagging.
    I know it's not much , but still it is a great pleasure to work in this. Once I am done with all the levels and my crazy story I will upload the game to my website
    as free download. ( Donations accepted , should it prove worthy .

    The video :

    Thank you
    Very cool looking game mate
    Keep up the great work, nice one!!


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    Thank you very much!!!!

    I cant explain how much your word mean to me

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    It is imense fun , and I really hope, that I will be able to show something till years end.

    Thank you!

    ps. : computer is my life , right now I have a meaning to be

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