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Thread: Any recommendation about which LCD monitor should I buy

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    Any recommendation about which LCD monitor should I buy


    I'm in the process of buying myself a new computer and I already ordered most important components (motherboard, CPU, RAM, Graphic Card, HDD).
    I will buy the computer case after my ordered components arrive. Wouldn't like to figure out that my components don't fit in after I already bught it as it happened when I was building my first computer and graphic card didn't fit in unless I threw out the HDD
    So for the PUS the store that I was ordering my components from din't have the desired one. Same goes for SSD drive so I will be buying those elsewhere.

    Anyway the reason I'm writing this post is because I almost forgot about one other Important component and that is monitor (that happens when you are using laptops for past 9 years and you expect it to come with PC

    And since I have not much experience with LCD monitors I would be very helpful for any suggestions or even hints about which brands are good and reliable.
    But since I almost forgot about this I'm afraid that my budget is a bit limited so I'm looking for some good price vs value option.

    Main purpose of this computer will be gaming and of course also program (game) development. So I would be very happy if the monitor would allow rotating it by 90 degrees (changing from letter to portrait position) but that isn't necessary.

    EDIT: The feature that the monitor must have is the ability to tilt it so I can get best viewing angle without using of some what those of your for US would say "redneck solutions"

    Any hints or suggestions are welcome.

    PS I picked excellent time for purchasing my computer since Delphi XE8 came out today and based on the fact that Delphi XE7 already worked a bit slow on my 7 years old laptop (which can still play some of today games provided that I use lower graphics settings) I guess that Delphi XE8 would be even worse.
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    At work I'm using Dell P2210. Image quality is ok, can be rotated 90, can be tilted a bit, has 16:10 ratio. Works good for me.

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    For my desktop, I use an LG FLATRON E2251, has connector for VGA, DVI, HDMI input and headset jack output. It's wide screen 1920x1080, ratio is 16:9. With anything less I feel constrained!

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    I'm actually leaning to go and buy AOC i2470Swh

    Now it doesn't support Pivot or Height adjustment but I'm thinking to go and additionally buy the VESA mount which many of them do support pivoting etc.
    Also I don't believe I would experience any problems pivoting this monitor like colour distortion because of looking at pixels from different orientation as you can in most LCD monitors because this one is suposingly using same LCD matrix as another model which does support pivoting by default.
    Also its price isn't to big (200€) so I can afford it. I will just need to delay buying of SSD drive for a while

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    In LED era is important monitor without backlight flickering. It causes health problems -

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC_ View Post
    In LED era is important monitor without backlight flickering. It causes health problems -
    That is an interesting information.


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