I would prefer Vulkan too, but I see no fallback on older systems; so I cannot use it. GLES2 (and GLES3 almost) is viable TODAY, no need to wait. The Windows enduser has two options: a) use GLES dll of Angle, or b) use GLES dll of Swiftshader (software only, but works 100% on all systems, even winXP) We can use the dll in standard way (context via EGL) GLES Angle handles internally all driver bindings (is also looking for native GLES driver first). GLES Angle also looks for Vulkan, useful in a future when other drivers lose performance. Both Google and Microsoft work on Angle. As to MS Windows, here is the relevant page: https://github.com/Microsoft/angle/wiki Also advice about Windows OpenGL vs. Angle here: https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_5_on_Windows_ANGLE_and_OpenGL is from mid 2015, but still has valid points.