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Thread: Pascal chess programs

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    Pascal chess programs

    Hello! I would like to share a list of links to Pascal chess programs with source code. I checked all the links today.

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    Interesting, thanks mate


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    Another link, my own version of TSCP Pascal, using the UCI protocol.

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    If you don't know, UCI protocol means that you can play versus the engine in Arena (for example).
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    Do they have the AI algorithms explained? It would be really great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ñuño Martínez View Post
    Do they have the AI algorithms explained? It would be really great.
    No, unfortunately. But if you are curious about that, I would advise to study JSSchach. It isn't the strongest, but certainly the simplest and the shortest. The engine used in my own program, Eschecs, is derived from JSSchach. But the code uses english words.
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    Thanks for your sugestion. Unfortunatelly my German is even worst than my English...

    Some time ago I was tempted to port (or re-implement) Tim Harntel's BASIC chess from his "Giant Book of Computer Games". Actually I'm not a chess player. I played few times, and even I won once to the OS/2 Warp's Chess game in begginers mode years ago.
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