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Thread: Green Onions - The I-Ching Saga

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    Duke Nukem Forever ghost is flying around...

    A lot happened (personal and professional), time goes by and the game is still under development (yuk!). I'm streaming the process, that is helping a lot to keep me in the mood, so if you want to see how Pascal game developing looks like, and what's the actual process, go for it. Mostly in Spanish though.
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    Well good luck mate!

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    Thanks Paul.

    So I can say the game is finished But can't publish it yet because all the hair that appears only when the project is about to be released. You know. For example, game backgrounds that are quite bland (except level 5 one) so I have to add some detail to them.

    Anyway, here you have the "You Win!" screen to celebrate:

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    Congratz to the win

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    Yeah, always when a project needs to go public you become aware of all the issues Looks cool.
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    Cool Game released!

    That's it: The game was released!

    It was on Saturday that I uploaded the installation program for Windows to And several people downloaded it. And even donated some money!

    I planed some updates because the release was pretty chaothical. Mainly is to add the English user manual, the English language to the installer (the game has English texts) and use the bundle so the icth's app will be able to manage the game without an installer.

    So if you want to get it, here you have.
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