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Thread: Green Onions - The I-Ching Saga

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    It was hard (I'm under emotional and psychological illness, long story) but I recovered an old copy, I made it run and I've modified some stuff that should make it easy to add the new stages without breaking it out again. Wish me luck.
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    Nice game, my friend. Where can I buy this?

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    There's no release date yet, just a "completion date". Game will be released when the customer open their comic store. I hope in two months.

    Also, I'm not sure how much it will cost. It may be for free, but that's not a promise.
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    Customers, customers... The black in the sky.

    Finally if customer denies to open the comic store, have you considered Steam Greenlight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by turrican View Post
    Finally if customer denies to open the comic store, have you considered Steam Greenlight?
    Since the game was made for customer it is customer's decision of where and when will or will not the game be released.

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    Just what SilverWarrior said.

    Anyway, the game will be show this week-end in a local computer event. I'll tell you.
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    Hope the game goes down well at the event
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    I've just finished the game (Release Candidate 5). The last boss is almost impossible. I hope they like it.
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    Hey, Green Onions is back.

    It was long. So long that the game became unplayable in current systems (mostly Windows10) so I have to rewrite it before release (I think we'll beat Duke Nukem Forever record ).

    I was working for some time porting the game to the latest MinGRo version, and I'm being very careful to not enter in a development hell as I did with the previous one. Current MinGRo has some flaws and lacks but it is quite more stable than the one I used in the first incarnation. It is being hard to resist the temptation of modify MinGRo to fix it, but I had to minimize such modifications to severe bugfixing only and document any other flaw to work on it only when game is finished.

    There's still a lot of work but I must finish it this month. I can use the old one to copy code or use it as a template for the re-implementation so it isn't as hard as it was.
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