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Thread: Programming languages you're using, or can use for gamedev... (link to a survey)

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    Question Programming languages you're using, or can use for gamedev... (link to a survey)

    Quote from the shared URL:
    If you use an Entity System in your gamedev projects, which language do you use for your gamedev? And what other languages are you equally skilled in - but don't use (perhaps because there's no game-engine for it, or ... etc)?

    At least I've voted for Pascal there.
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    Oh, old good times: I have started programming with Turbo Pascal 7. Then next is the Game Maker in 2005. Later I had a taste of BlitzBasic3D.
    Now I using FreeBasic and - back to roots - Lazarus. But still I have no so much programming skill in these languages.
    Most of my games written in Game Maker, as you can see on my webpage:

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    I started with BASIC on a MSX. Later, gwBASIC on PC, then QuickBASIC (a really great language, much better than VisualBasic), then C (also a great language, but ANSI only, I don't like newer), then C++ (really ugly and bad designed), then FreePascal.

    I used Delphi but never for games. I tried JavaScript for web-games also, but it's an awful language. I want to give another opportunity to Smart Mobile Studio.

    I've read the results and there are a lot of Pascal people!!!
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    Pretty much only Pascal for me nowadays. Did use Basic a long time ago.


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