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Thread: Ludum Dare Compo #34 - Anyone else entered?

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    Ludum Dare Compo #34 - Anyone else entered?

    Hi all,

    Just wondering... is anyone else entering LD #34 (compo or jam)?

    I've submitted my first ever game jam entry and I'm pretty please with what I've managed to achieve

    I've posted a couple of items on the blog (am going to try and do more of that now I have more time).
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    As much as I love Ludum Dare, the last few editions (including this one) took place on weekends where I was busy - either with school, or some sports event.

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    Too ill atm - always check it out though if I'm ever well again I'll take part - I've got a *beast* of a game engine now - I'll be able to draw pixels and everything
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