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Thread: Direct3D 11 Examples

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    Direct3D 11 Examples


    I decided to make few examples on how to use Direct3D 11 with FreePascal and Delphi. It can be challenging for a person new to D3D, if they are not familliar with C++ (and COM), since all of the examples are in C++ and yet I haven't found one in Delphi/Pascal.
    If someone gets interested I could write some explanations for the examples and turn them in brief tutorials.

    Here they are:

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    Thank you!
    This is very helpful sources.

    Are the headers you are using for DX11 or DX12? I saw unit named "DX12.xx" in uses.

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    The headers are for both DX11 and DX12, it's just the author used that unit namespace. It seems, however, that they are part of some GPL-licensed project, so I'm not very sure how much they will fit for a propriatary software.

    Has anybody tried the JSB DX11 headers with FPC?

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    Thank you for sharing!!

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