Hi there,

I've been working non-stop on a project and have burned myself out... quite literally... and now I am having a problem that I no longer can get my head around. I'm hoping someone can help.

Anyways the issue is.

Imagine I have an area in 3d space

x: 300 - 500
y: 300 - 500
z: 300 - 500

inside of this area is some small floating boxes ( i have positions/scales, and total volume when added together) - What i need to do is calculate positions/offsets/sizes of new boxes to surround the existing ones.

It is similar to the "truck" filling problem, except that the boxes are not necessarily stacked on top of each other, and we do not have pre-defined boxe scales to put inside, we need to create new ones to best fit/fill the space.

Can anyone help me with this?