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Thread: Ñuño's competition entries

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    Ñuño's competition entries

    I've realized that I have some competition entries, and I think they are worth of be shown. So here you have them.

    I've grouped the games by competition, from older to newer. I've put links to my profiles, so you'll be able to see all games and comments. I don't know if new entries will be updated here or added in new posts.

    Any comment, suggestion and petition are welcome.

    Speed Hack

    Speed Hack is similar to Ludum Dare (you know, a week-end to build a game) but only for the Allegro Game Library. This was the first contest I join, and I did only once.

    Momem 3D

    This game was the second incarnation of my Momen Universe, the first one was a lost QuickBASIC prototype and the third was my entry for the second PGD Challenge. This entry was written in C++, and is quite simple. If you're curious enough, you can download it.

    No screen shot at the moment. Sorry.


    TINS is another Ludum Dare-like contest limited to the Allegro game library. I've participated several times, the last one this year, and ten years after my previous entry. That should be a sort of record or something. I've entered four times, but only three times I ended with something. The last two are in Pascal, the other in C++. This is my TINS profile.


    An action game where you try to return all trolls to their dimension before they destroy all your robots. Obviously inspired in Dexter's Lab, it didn't do nothing in the results.

    The game isn't finished, and has some bugs (i.e. you can be trapped inside a wall due to the badly implemented collision system), but it would be funny. This was my first pixelart try, and I like the robot and the initial idea. After this try, I decided to not use C++ again and I decided to use Pascal instead. This should tell you how much disappointed I was with that language.

    Development log


    A puzzle much like Pipe Mania and Crazy Train. You slide and rotate tracks to guide the train to the train stations.

    I'm very proud of this game because it is very completed, actually fun and it didn't too bad in the results (4th overall!) so I think it deserves to be polished (both graphics and code) and released it again. As it is now, it has a chunky control and uses one of the first Allegro.pas versions, so may be it doesn't runs well in your state-of-the-art Windows.

    Development log

    Snow Cave Scape

    This is my latest entry, so new it has not been reviewed yet! It's a very small point-and-click adventure. As usual, I created the engine in-competition. And also there's a stupid bug in the original package. I've uploaded a fixed version on Dropbox. I'm sad because it's very short and I hadn't time to add all puzzles I designed, but now I have a brief engine I can use and extend in a future contest...

    Development log
    Sources download
    Binary download

    PGD Challenge

    This is the one hosted by this own forum. I tryed three times, but only twice I have finished with something interesting.

    Duke of Dragonfear: Deathland

    Unfinished dungeon exploration game. The initial idea was to make something similar to Diablo, but more arcade. People liked it and I liked it a lot too. I should finish it, because I promised it and I wasn't able to add all cool stuff I planned (bow&arrows, treasures, potions, magicians, bosses...).

    Development log and forum.

    Momen 3D - Fall of Human Kind

    Unfinished 3D space shooter. It's the third incarnation of my Momen Universe. Unfortunately, the Allegro.pas version used was buggy and few people was able to play it. Despite that problem, people get impressed by screen-shots and videos. The game engine was created one week before the contest and polished a bit in-contest. It is still buggy and needs an in-deep refactorization, but I'm very proud of it. I'm tempted to work on it and do an official release.

    About the game, I have a lot of ideas to be added, including a story that depends on what you do and ground missions. So this is another must be finished project I have.

    Development log and forum.
    Download (note it may not work on your system due to buggy old Allegro.pas)

    Ludum Dare

    Who don't know what's Ludum Dare, may be the most famous game contest today? You have two days to build a computer game from scratch, using any language, system, platform, library, engine or tool you want.

    My problem with this contest is that it relays a lot on marketing. You not only have to create the game, but also you must sell it to the other entrants so they vote for it. And I hate marketing. A lot. Anyway, I have two entries, both in Pascal. This is my Ludum Dare profile.

    Ludum Dare 29 — Beneath the Surface

    An exploration adventure game inspired by an old ZX-Spectrum game I played once when I was a little child. You drive a small yellow submarine in a sunken pirate vessel, and you must find the treasure vault, open it (you'll need a golden key for that) and transport it outside. The game has a few bugs, and I'm not very happy with the code I wrote, but the game has potential. Like Train and Fall of Human Kind, may be I should work on it again.

    LD Game profile with comments and downloads.

    Ludum Dare 33 — Kong's Revenge

    A quite siple W&G game. It is Donkey Kong but in reverse: you control Kong. It is not my best work, but I think it has some nostalgia on it, and people liked it. Anyway, I would rewrite it from scratch in a very different way.

    LD Game profile with comments and downloads.
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    KrampusHack '19

    This is a bit sad.

    KrampusHack is a TINS variant where the entrants writes a wishlist for a game, then other entrant should make a game that fulfill the wishlist.

    The sad part is that I was unable to complete my entry, as you can read in the development log linked down here. I really liked the game I was doing, but I didn't have time enough due to personal issues (you know, Christmas contingencies). I uploaded what I did, which was a nice platformer tech demo of my MinGRo game engine. Package includes sources (including engine because I had to fix some bugs ) and Windows 32bit executable (except Allegro DLL files due to space limitations ).

    Development log
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    Last week there were a little jam I've joined, and for the first time in many time, I've finished my entry and I'm actually quite proud of it.

    The game is a visual novel called La Cita (Spanish for The Date). It is quite surreal, and the idea isn't mine but from a colleague. Right now it is written in Spanish only, maybe I translate to English, but first I have to discover how.

    The game was written using Ren'Py, which isn't Python but looks a lot like it. It was the first time I used it (I learned in-jam) and I had fun to use. All graphics, except one character, were from Open Game Art.

    About the jam itself, I'm not sure if I'll join again. page
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    These are some awsome game projects you realized. My favourite is Momen 3D, I guess. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthias View Post
    These are some awsome game projects you realized. My favourite is Momen 3D, I guess. :-)
    Mine too. I'll fix the engine (I mean rewrite it) and finish the game someday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ñuño Martínez View Post
    Mine too. I'll fix the engine (I mean rewrite it) and finish the game someday.

    Would like that to see.

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