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Thread: Wicked Defense 2 released as freeware

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    Wicked Defense 2 released as freeware

    Since it has been around 7 years since Wicked Defense 2 was released commercially and especially now that Ixchel Studios website has gone offline, we have decided to re-release the game as freeware.

    Wicked Defense 2 uses Asphyre 4.x framework, which is a predecessor to Platform eXtended Library, first released around 2007. The game's 3D engine uses CPU's vectorized instructions and GPU's hardware instancing to produce procedural 3D meshes in real-time. In some scenarios, scenes may get so complex (for instance, when "Cycloid" monster clones a couple hundred "Weaver Fortresses", which themselves divide into some thousand siblings) to render over million triangles per frame. It also uses multiple volumetric effects such as rays, lasers, beams and particle showers.

    The game runs on Windows and requires SM2-capable video card (preferably SM3). This sequel was initially released in 2009. It also comes with Scenario Editor, which allows creating new maps and uses Pascal scripting to control many portions of the game.

    Below are some of game's screenshots. Additional screenshots and game installer can be downloaded from Wicked Defense 2 web page.

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    In a similar fashion, we have also released earlier version of Wicked Defense 1 and re-released Aztlan Dreams.

    The second one is a turn-based puzzle strategy game with role-playing elements, which first appeared back in 2009.

    Below are some screenshots of Aztlan Dreams:

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    This is great LP. Thanks for giving this zetaclear away for free.
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