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Thread: RAD - Engine recreation of "RADIX: Beyond the void"

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    RAD - Engine recreation of "RADIX: Beyond the void"

    RAD is an engine recreation of the "RADIX: Beyond the void".


    RAD is an engine remake of RADIX.
    RADIX was a dos game developed by Neural Storm Entertainment and published by Epic MegaGames back in 1995.
    RAD needs the data file of the game (RADIX.DAT) and works with the v2 remix version of RADIX (both shareware and registered).
    Older versions of RADIX.DAT are not supported and will probably trigger errors messages or crashes.
    You can find download links for the shareware game by just spending a few seconds in google. Alternatively, you can find the shareware game at Remember you'll need the v2 remix edition.

    • High screen resolutions
    • True color software rendering
    • OpenGL rendering
    • Textured automap
    • Uncapped framerate
    • Screenshots
    • Save/Load game
    • High score table
    • In game menu with key bindings
    • In game menu to change screen resolution
    • ... etc

    The purpose of this project is to bring RADIX to more modern platforms and enhance the gameplay experience by taking advantage of modern hardware.

    The remake is open source and licensed under GPLv2 license. Note that the license applies only to the engine, not the data files.

    Current project status

    RAD is developed in Delphi and runs in Windows operating systems (XP or higher).
    The engine core is based on my DelphiDoom project.
    The new engine has (heavily) modified physics, and more enriched scripting/content definition mechanics. The software rendering subsystem has been significantly improved.
    Enemy logic was implemented using scripting features.

    Gameplay video:


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    WOW! Great work on this.

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    Nice. Tried it. Works smoothly.
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    I didn't know nothing about that game. Seems the engine is similar to DooM/Build, isn't it? [edit] I've read again your text and now I know. [/edit]

    Really impressive. Well done.
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    Thank you all!

    The original game isn't based on Doom source code (as Heretic, Hexen & Strife), despite the fact that it feels very much like it. The project is an observe and mimic of the original game mechanics as well as deciphering the data file format of the game.

    I've updated the first post with latest build.

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    Smile version

    Last days I've started working again with RAD, and thus version is available!


    New Features
    • OpenGL rendering. The binary download now contains an new executable (RadGL.exe) for OpenGL rendering. Use Rad.exe for the software rendering version.
    • Key bindings for the automap functions. The automap functions can be configured from the menus.
    • Misc improvements and bug fixes


    OpenGL mode:

    Automap key bindings:

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    It looks nice. Good job as usual.
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