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Thread: Delphi 10.1 Starter Edition free serial until 9 of SepTember

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverWarior View Post
    To be honest I'm wondering how people can make any mobile application using Delphi ad FireMonkey which isn't lagging as hell since mobile phones have much weaker processing capabilities compared to desktop computers on which you can already notice FMX to lag as hell.
    Yes I agree - its use of the hardware is naive at best, for such a highlighted feature and already after a few iterations? the lack of performance, the clunky design and the on rails usage pattern (concerning OpenGL) is quite frankly shocking - considering it's a commercial project.

    They need cross platform in all versions as standard, native OSX + Linux compiler and IDE - hire some *experienced* devs to sort out firemonkey, not just the lowest quote. Hire somebody with some common sense to update headers.

    I'd personally throw out the compiler, use FPC - save myself a ton on development costs every time a new OS comes out and then put that money into making my actual selling points better while gaining a shed load of 'new' features I can list.

    Delphi costs a fortune, it's been around for over a decade, it has (or had) a massive user base - it should be ten times better than FPC+Lazarus - not ten times worse.

    They even *used* FPC for one Delphi version for the cross platform support - they didn't contribute back to the FPC project or even mention they made use of it in publicly recognisable way.

    I used to worship Borland - I grew up wanting to work for them - Turbo Pascal and Delphi were big parts of my life that I remember fondly.

    It's such a terrible shame to see the once great name of Delphi reduced to this pathetic stream of poor quality updates.
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