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Thread: Allegro.pas tutorials

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    Allegro.pas tutorials

    As some people has asked for, I've started with Allegro.pas tutorials in the Lazarus/Free Pascal wiki.

    Some body asked me for Spanish tutorials, and also it's more easy for me to do it in Spanish, so I'll write them initially in that language. I plan to translate them to English ASAP, but if some body can do it for me it would help a lot.

    Any comment and suggestion are welcomed.

    Link to the first tutorial (Spanish)
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    Gracias Ñuño, eres un crack! A ver si pudiéramos chatear un rato para hablar de programación. Saludos!

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    De nada.

    I'm quite busy and I hadn't had time for this. I hope I can write more tutorials soon.
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