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Thread: VS Code + Pascal : Editor for the future!

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    That would be great.

    You may post it at Lazarus forums too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ñuño Martínez View Post
    That would be great.

    You may post it at Lazarus forums too.
    I'll drop it in here, just give me a few weeks to tie up all loose ends. Much of the scripts are scattered over a couple of files, so I need to sort them out and package them in a nice way, the ideal solution would be to create a plugin that you can use with Vundle and Pathogen, that would make it so much easier and more user friendly for others. The learning curve is steep, and we that have climbed almost to the top shouldn't keep pushing people down

    Got alot of issues with my code completion plugin as it tends to crash from time to time, most likely an out of range error, but as it just dies without issuing any errors, and the abilities to debug python running inside vim are limited (non-existant would maybe be a better word) it's hard to find out exactly where it bugs out. It's also quite slow when you open a project the size of Castle engine (python regex is kinda slow when it has lots of text to process), and the context awareness would need to be improved, so I don't think I'll include that. Now I'm just using NeoComplete and it does the job, but isn't perfect. I need to look into Lazarus CodeTools and try to write some sort of server backend that can talk to vim through a python script, ideally wrap some library calls to python, but my Pascal knowledge is far from the point where I could be able to pull that off. On the other hand, nobody remembers a coward!!

    Got a nice little hack that generates class function/procedures that can save you quite some time and it's quite stable, and so is the build/run/debug scripts. Then there are other more basic stuff like header insertions (comments, unit name, defines etc) and stuff like that.

    I'll get back to you

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    Stock Lazarus does nearly everything I need - anything else I want I just add myself. I've customised its single window layout and coded some extras specific to my framework/engine for quick templating and prototyping - you may say it means Lazarus is incomplete but for me the ability to customise my IDE at the lowest of levels is exactly why Lazarus is the best for me - it's future proof, I don't have to rely on anybody maintaining it or worry about the project dying - I've got the source code - I'll die before it does.

    There's loads of fantastic editors and IDEs out there and everybody has their own preferences - Netbeans tends to be my favourite for web development and C++ for example while I switch to the very similar Eclipse for Java.

    Can't stand Visual Studio - it's a propitiatory lumbering mess of an IDE in my opinion and Microsofts habit of locking new versions to the latest editions of windows is utterly infuriating, not to mention its heavy integration with their propitiatory APIs and complete lack of effort to cater for cross platform devs - if Microsoft are disappointed with the low pace of windows phone development for example they've only got themselves to blame. Don't get me started on their perversions of XML (XAML I'm looking at you) - it's abstraction soup with a single implementation - jumping through utterly redundant hoops all day just because somebody naively thought it might get adopted in other ecosystems.

    Basing your development future on a Microsoft product is like basing an economy on oil - one day you'll realise you're screwed and you'll have to invade the middle east or collapse like a sky scraper - or something.
    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie - that's an extinction level impact event.

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