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Thread: MinGRo game engine

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    Still working in the Green Onions game (dude, it's taking too long ) and I'm confirming things about the engine. Actually I think it is pretty solid (after so much changes) but:
    • There's a lot of over-engineering and
    • Game code isn't so clean (and classic) as I intended.

    Today I realized that part of the problem is that the engine is too much generic: I was thinking in any game genre and style.

    So once the GO game is finished I've decided to focus the engine in a single direction: 2D action games. That should simplify things enough to remove all over-engineering and help to use more classic programing style. And for the other game genres/styles I want to do (3D action games and interactive fiction) I can create other engines using this as base/inspiration.

    Then I've read this thread at Lazarus' forum and now I'm thinking about the possibility to integrate it in to Lazarus. I should think more about it (and once the game is finished), but instead to integrate with Lazarus I think it is better to build an IDE similar to UNITY using my engine and PascalScript, then use FPC to build the final executable. I know, Game Maker does it, but it (or any other) doesn't use Pascal, does it?

    What do you think?
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