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Thread: MinGRo game engine

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    Still working in the Green Onions game (dude, it's taking too long ) and I'm confirming things about the engine. Actually I think it is pretty solid (after so much changes) but:
    • There's a lot of over-engineering and
    • Game code isn't so clean (and classic) as I intended.

    Today I realized that part of the problem is that the engine is too much generic: I was thinking in any game genre and style.

    So once the GO game is finished I've decided to focus the engine in a single direction: 2D action games. That should simplify things enough to remove all over-engineering and help to use more classic programing style. And for the other game genres/styles I want to do (3D action games and interactive fiction) I can create other engines using this as base/inspiration.

    Then I've read this thread at Lazarus' forum and now I'm thinking about the possibility to integrate it in to Lazarus. I should think more about it (and once the game is finished), but instead to integrate with Lazarus I think it is better to build an IDE similar to UNITY using my engine and PascalScript, then use FPC to build the final executable. I know, Game Maker does it, but it (or any other) doesn't use Pascal, does it?

    What do you think?
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    With LudumDare about to start, and since I've finished the Green Onions game, I've decided to fix some stuff of the engine and I've uploaded version 1.α.4.2. Not a lot of changes but should help to avoid the stupid bugs that always prevents me to finish the game in time.

    You can download it from here.

    After that, I'll see what it will evolve for version 1.α.5. I have some ideas.
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