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    PXL (formerly called Asphyre Sphinx I guess) has a fully functioning DirectX11 backend (as well as DirectX7, DirectX9, legacy OpenGL, and modern OpenGL backends) that should give you a pretty good idea of how DirectX works in practice.

    Also, regarding FMX: not worth anyone's time. It's just an extremely stripped down, worse version of GLScene (literally, not figuratively. The 3D parts of FMX are based entirely on DXScene by Eugene Kryukov, which was itself a not-that-great DirectX based fork of GScene. Making FMX a fork of fork!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyandyr View Post
    All examples compile but when running them they ask for d3dx10d_43.dll which is not on my computer (Windows 10 64-bit)

    Ok I changed target from debug to release. Now it says DX12.D3DX10 cannot be found... but it is in the headers folder. Oh had to set search path for Release. Now it is back to the exe asking for DX12.D3DX10
    The file d3dx10d_43.dll should be the debug build of d3dx10_43.dll. I think you can get by installing the DirectX End-user runtime installer -

    If you've downloaded or pulled the entire repository please note that "headers" directory is removed and the headers are now contained in "DelphiDX12\Units". Your include path should be "..\DelphiDX12\Units"

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