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Thread: Shader tools

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    Shader tools

    I saw some references to node based shader designers, but could not find any proper ones with quick looks. Anyone know any?

    Also a simple syntax validator would also/alternatively be beneficial. Like I wish there was an easy way to just write
    and the edit would tell you if there is a sqrt in the version GLxx being definied instead of trying to find out from manual/compiling the shader. Anyone know such things?

    Other than Sublime text. I love it and I hate it too. Syntax highlighting, OK. Build environment setup is more of a mess. I got it working to compile Skyrim Papyrus (through MO) and I'm too scared to touch it now. I don't even know what is ANGLE. (
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    Not only has it GLSL syntax highlighting, it is actually a VCL component including source. Now I can edit shaders from within my own project (with syntax highlighting) at runtime and see what happens.
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    I'm pretty certain "sqrt" is in like every GLSL version ever released.


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