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    If so why haven't you posted any of the changes you made back to Github repository? Perhaps there would be more interest from others if they would know that someone is working on PGDCE at the moment. But until now I haven't seen any indication that you are working on PGDCE and I'm checking PGD forums almost on a daily basis.
    I had simply downloaded it a while ago and was working on it locally. I was aware that the original team for the engine for some reason cared about supporting Delphi 7 (which obviously has no generics or operator overloading) meaning none of the changes I was making would be usable. It was just sort of a fun side-project for me.

    That being said, again, I'd be perfectly happy to do some "real" development on the repo and commit the changes I'd made personally if anyone was interested (after cleaning them up, haven't looked at them for a while), if it is in fact the case that people have finally realized that Delphi 7 came out in 2002 and is not something that anyone should care about supporting anymore. Also, a game engine that actual game developers might actually want to use in 2017 needs to support OpenGL 3.3+ as the default/base, with MAYBE an OpenGL 2.0 "fallback" (although personally I'd leave it out...) Leave the OpenGL 1.0 fixed function stuff "at home", as they say...
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