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    Luna Game Pascal


    Luna Game Pascal™ is a modern, modular, object oriented programming language based on Object Pascal, a light-weight IDE and an advanced 2D game engine for Windows® PC. The engine uses Direct3D® for hardware accelerated rendering. It's robust, designed for easy use and suitable for making all types of 2D games and other graphic simulations. There is support for surfaces, textures, sprites, audio, streams, archives, databases and much more.

    - Luna Game Pascal is modern, modular, object oriented and base on the Object Pascal programming language.
    - Namespaces, nested classes, inheritance
    - Static(shared) members, indexed properties, default parameters.
    - Overloaded routines, operator overloading, delegates, exception handling, regular expressions.
    - Conditional compilation.
    - Direct calling dll-defined routines.
    - All calling conventions register, pascal, cdecl, stdcall, safecall are supported.
    - EXE generation (standard win32).
    - DLL generation (standard win32).

    - Multiple Project Support
    - Toggle Code Folding
    - Syntax Highlighting
    - Project Options
    - Single file project format
    - User Feedback/RSS Feeds from IDE (Help->Feedback/RSS Feeds)
    - File operations: open, close, close all, save, save all
    - Edit operations: undo, redo, cut, copy, past, select all
    - Search operations: find, find again, find/replace
    - Compile/Compile & Run
    - Build ZIP/Single EXE Distros
    - Param Hints (API Routines)
    - Code Completion (API Routines) (Ctrl+Space)
    - Integrated CHM Help
    - Editor Options (Options->Editor Options)
    - Context sensitive Help (F1) in the editor (place the cursor on a keyword and press F1 or right click).
    - File Tabs with hints
    - Entire game engine API is accessible
    - EXE generation with version info and application icon

    - A thin Object Oriented framework for object efficient
    - Uses Direct3D 9 for 2D hardware rendering.
    - Uses 32bit surfaces and textures.
    - Free scaling, rotation, alpha blending and other special effects.
    - Windowed and full screen modes.
    - Frame based timing support.
    - Low-level INI file and high-level configuration file support.
    - Memory mapped buffers
    - Unified Streaming system (memory, file, EXE resources, zip archive).
    - True-Type fonts
    - Graphic primitives (lines, circles, rects, points).
    - Advanced polygon rendering (scale, rotate, control line segment visibility).
    - Titled texture rendering
    - Advanced sprite management.
    - Polypoint collision system for fast precise collision detection.
    - Mouse and keyboard input management.
    - Unified audio system with support for WAV | MP3 | MID | OGG | MOD | IT | S3M | XM music formats.
    - Comprehensive math routines (vectors, angles, line intersection, clipping).
    - Log file support.
    - SQL database support (MySQL local & remote | SQLite local only).
    - Networking (reliable UDP).

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