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    Blackjack Simulator

    Hi All my name is Dan I have plans For a Blackjack Simulator. Have not seen anything close to what i want to do. The best one i have seen so far is an old program done for Windows 3.1 called sage blackjack simulator last updated 1995. I can tell from a disassembly of the code it was done in ms visual C 3.X.

    There are a ton of things i'd like to add to a program like this. I am an old school programmer. As well as a former blackjack dealer. So i can do most of the things i want no problem but there is one thing.

    I look around and see few tools for doing good card games. Aka a good shared library or DLL in the case of windows. Doing a search here for blackjack shows postings from like 2003 with dead links.

    there are a few tools in python but pascal is better task wise for this me thinks

    Anyone want to help with a shared library or DLL drop me a note here ok

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    Why would you want the functionality to be in a DLL, exactly?

    As far as libraries that facilitate easy 2D programming, I would strongly recommend you take a look at BGRABitmap and its accompanying BGRAControls GUI component package. (Assuming you're using Lazarus, of course.) For Delphi I would say maybe Graphics32? Although personally I find Graphics32 to be remarkably user-unfriendly.... all sorts of very similarly-named functions with slightly different acronyms at the end and no explanation anywhere of what they actually mean.
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    I think he might be thinking of a library for drawing / managing cards in some fashion. Over the years I've seen many shared libs in card game collections and it seems to be a relatively common thing to use or to develop when building card games.

    It's quite easy to construct with a few bits of artwork, you can find the emblems for the suits in many fonts, use text drawing functionality, TextOut(x,y) kinda stuff to draw numbers and letters.

    if you forgo using any images on the jacks,queens etc and just have J,K,Q etc you could do the whole things with just line drawing, filled shape drawing and outputting text.

    This is a good thing to aim for as a minimum as it gives you functional card rendering without having to worry about loading/creating resources - at least to begin with.

    it'll also let you scale the cards while keeping sharp graphics, do zoom animations etc

    if you use a lib/method to create text as vertices instead of rendering pixels to a buffer, you can push the geometry into something like OpenGL very easily - then your scaling (if you use it) would take place on the GPU without relying on the font rendering engine to do the scaling for you (loads faster, you could easily do smooth card animations in 3D space, similar to the magic the gathering : duels of the planeswalker games - or just render flat/orthographic like microsoft solitare.

    Add textures etc as a final step and you'll have a portable and generic tool for card rendering that can easily be applied to different graphic APIs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira13 View Post
    Why would you want the functionality to be in a DLL, exactly?
    I'm guessing he is probably looking for alternative for "cards.dll" which as far as I know shipped with windows from the very first windows version and up to Windows XP. But in later versions of Windows this DLL is no longer present which in turn broke most of older card games running on later Windows versions since they relied on it.
    So far I haven't seen alternative that would provide similar functionality to "cards.dll".


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