We’re proud to announce the release of Castle Game Engine 6.2!

Castle Game Engine is an open-source 3D and 2D game engine, with a support for many game asset formats, portable (desktop, mobile), with a lot of graphic effects and components. Check out our features here, take a look at our documentation, and of course download it from our main page.

New features in this release:

  • Trivially easy recompilation of your games for iOS using our build tool. See the iOS documentation for details.
  • CommonSurfaceShader is our new “material on steroids” that allows you to configure material by normalmaps, specular maps, shininess maps, ambient maps…
  • Improved Blender exporter. It’s now easier to install (it’s now a normal Blender add-on), and it can generate a CommonSurfaceShader node with all the goodies described above. This was implemented thanks to the support on Patreon --- if you like the engine, please consider supporting the engine development on Patreon. This really helps me spend more time on the engine, and develop cool features like this!
  • Other build tool improvements, for all platforms.
  • Other API and examples improvements: TSound.Offset, Sound/music player in examples/audio/audio_player_scrubber, STL format support, ray-tracer now supports textures and smooth normals, TCastleEdit...

See the full release announcement here !

Have fun with the engine