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Thread: Bryed 3d (1998) postmortem

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    Sad to learn about that OpenGL guy. Nice you made a post about him.

    Raspberry Pi is an interesting target for one man hobby programmers (like me). Limited hardware but out of necessity one man projects tend to be simpler and demanding less from the system. At least for those of us who dabble on less ambitious projects.

    I managed to buy a Raspberry Pi 4 this winter and installed the new PiOS. Turns out it is possible to install the Lazarus on PiOS but I must be doing something wrong because I get tons of warnings. From what I read elsewhere the installation of Lazarus really is tricky. Still I managed to compile and run one simple game (the Grayout) on Raspberry but I've not made that one downloadable. For some reason Raspberry-Lazarus doesn't accept the code from my current Linux/WIndows project.

    Have you happend to install Lazarus on Raspberry? Do you run other pascal software?

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    I have installed Lazarus, and I succeeded building an executable and rendering stuff via GL ES 2 -- BUT my project is Lazarus-independent (I only use the IDE as a convenient code editor) and I had to fiddle with code options in my to get a working executable
    Also, Lazarus ran *monstrously* slow back then due to horribly inefficient text rendering (SynEdit is based on WinAPI calls which are emulated in Linux -- badly, with horrible performance). But that was several years ago and a RPi 2.

    Sample (i don't know if this is correct any more, haven't tested in years)
    LIN_T=$(uname -m)
    CODE_OPTIONS=" -O3 -OpPentiumM -CfSSE2"
    CGE_OPTIONS="-vq -gl -gs -gp -Xi -XX -dcge -dnotlaz -Sh -Sc -Mobjfpc -Rintel ${CODE_OPTIONS}"
    if [ "${LIN_T}" == "armv7l" ]
      #works with RPi 3 / raspbian 9 / fpc 3.0.0
       #worked with RPi 2 / raspbian 8 / fpc 2.6.4
       #CODE_OPTIONS=" -O3 -CaEABIHF -CpARMV6 -Cfvfpv2"
      CGE_OPTIONS="-vq -gl -gs -gp -Xi -dcge -dnotlaz -Sh -Sc -Mobjfpc ${CODE_OPTIONS}"

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    Thanks Chebmaster. RPi 2 and years ago and emulations. I can imagine monstrously slow.

    For my part I'm glad to be able make something at all for the Pi but the platform is very interesting and worth trying, I think.
    I figure if a program runs on a Pi it can run smoothly on almost any PC ( if successful compilation on both platforms ).

    I hope the Lazarus team one day creates some neat solution for installing their software on Raspberry too.

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    I've saw the video and I'm really impressed. The use of sprites and fog really make it look 3D! I want to play it.
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