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Thread: Linux game jam

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    Linux game jam

    Quoted from another thread:
    FYI there is a small Linux game jam happening. No prizes or incentive to "win" just for fun. Might be worth entering if anyone uses Lazarus:
    I will be entering. Project working name is 'Wizardly', contains procedurally generated 2d mazes, enemies and treasures. Sort of pacman-stylish with exquisite coder graphics! Anyone else up for a challenge? To make it easier I just swapped out my dead hard drive for a new and had to reinstall Linux.

    Will be using an open source toolchain including FreePascal, Vim, Audacity, Gimp and Aseprite. Hope to see you there!

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    I forgot this! I did read something somewhere but I didn't take notes in the agenda so I forgot. Not sure if I'll join. This week end is quite busy for me.

    Anyway, go for it! And tell us how are you doing.
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    I also won't be joining since development time frame is way to short of me.

    But if you need a play-tester I think I can spare some time And yes suggestions for improvements or potential bug-hunting is included in my offer

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    Around 900 loc right now, not much elegance, more like brute-force code I would say... Bugs are plenty, it's getting hard to see the actual game behind them

    The reason for the many lines are due to me scrapping my pseudo-procedural maze generator as it wasn't really doing a good job, and I don't feel like researching a new algorithm right now. Paid my daughter so she pixeled up some tiles and a few sprites, so now I'm using Tiled and handmade mazes. For now only one level is ready, but I'll get some help with level design tomorrow. Can't say it's advanced in any way, you'll play a little blue wizard 14 by 12 pixels big that scuddles along in dungeons made up of 16 by 16 tiles, hunting for keys to unlock doors and gathering coins. Will be hard to finish in time, would have been better to be somewhat prepared, but my old hard drive didn't give a crap about that..

    The first thing I did when the computer rebooted after the installation was to install Lazarus and start coding, so it's like 'Iron Man' mode of game jams

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    Crunch-time! Demo will be out tonight I hope, stand by for pre-alpha testing!


    • 1800+ lines of code written in three days
    • 128 tiles crudely pixeled together
    • 15 sounds recorded and edited
    • 2 sprites, with animations in 4 directions hand-drawn
    • 10 levels of creepy dungeons complete with treasures and monsters*
    • Stunning lightning effects (sortof..)
    • Extendable (to a certain pont)

    Got your interest?

    * AI is so stupid at the moment so I'm thinking of just leaving them out. Need to put more time on this, but so far it's not looking good. I make no promises!

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    Not up to date, probably a few hours behind. Had to abandon the smooth tile scrolling as it was a mess. Had to rewrite it or scrap it, and given the time frame... well..
    Maybe put a total of 10 hours into it, including the assets fabrication. 24 hours left, going into crunch-time tomorrow afternoon.

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    Want to see it.
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    Didn't make it

    Had to work late last night, so I simply didn't have enough time to build, package and test it, and the package I finally submitted was rejected because it simply didn't work. Alot of features was left out in the final build, like the 'light map' (just a simple tile layer with different alpha-colored tiles), 'fog of war' and other neat stuff. Enemies was stationary and the tile scroll function was jittering when the player was close to the map edge, but all in all I atleast tried..

    Will continue to polish it and release it in a week or so

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    I'm sorry to hear that you ran out of time.

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    I know the feeling, I ran out of time on the last 2 ludum dare I joined. I did however submit my game to this jam. My game was written in freepascal using zengl and some other code of mine for state and screen management and ui. If you want to check it out, it is on itch Far from done, and I plan to continue it's development.


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