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Thread: An Old Timey Murder Mystery - GitHub GameOff 2017

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    An Old Timey Murder Mystery - GitHub GameOff 2017

    I've decided to go ahead and enter into the GitHub November game jam using Pascal. I will use this thread as a sort of development log for anyone who wishes to follow along. I will try to make it least one post each day I make progress.

    My entry is written in Free Pascal using Lazarus, with SDL2.

    You can follow my progress and download here:

    I am not exactly an experienced programmer and there are other problems with the game code (see below). Sorry in advance

    I will not be providing a binary release until the deadline at the end of the month. The only binary release I plan to make is for Windows, but since I am using cross platform tools you shouldn't have too much trouble getting this project working on Linux and Mac OS.

    Limitations of my game:
    • No threading. I don't have time to deal with it, and the game is not exactly resource intensive
    • All loading is done up-front (again without threading)
    • 16:9 aspect ratio is a requirement because I don't have time to deal with differing aspect ratios.
    • The game is a low color, low res game. The base resolution is 320x180, scaled to 1280x720. Fullscreen mode will stretch incorrectly at aspect ratios other than 16:9
    • I will probably only support keyboard controls
    • I will probably only support / test the US keyboard layout, and keys may not be re-assignable (I would like to, depends on time)

    • Free Pascal via Lazarus
    • SDL2 and official extension libraries
    • GIMP for all graphics
    • FL Studio for all music

    --- DAY 1 ---

    • Set up the game project with some separated units including some place holders
    • Window, loading, and keyboard input.
    • Can close window (ESC) and toggle full screen (F11)
    • Drawing text from a hand-made monospace sprite font

    Here is a zoomed in view of the sprite font. The characters are separated into 8x8 blocks. It's not the best but I think it looks OK.

    A hello world using the font

    I plan to have the grid-based movement in a top down perspective. Tiles will be 16x16. I plan to use the Tiled map editor to create maps for the game.

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    Keep up the work.
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    Thanks for the well-wishes!

    Today I implemented map loading (from the Tiled editor) with multi-layer support. Implemented a simple player that can move and the camera is centered on (EDIT: the movement is based on deltatime too). The game only draws tiles that are visible on the screen. (That is what the number 319 is). As you move around the number changes as more or less tiles need to be drawn.

    Of course, I have started work on the graphics for the game now too

    I have to say this sort of feels like a wasted day. I struggled a lot with the dynamic tile drawing and movement and drawing centered around the player. I spent too much time writing and rewriting code based on various ideas for solutions I had, and scratching my head and doing math, and line by line debugging. Well at least it's done! Onto the next task.
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    Looks good, don't get discouraged!

    319 sounds almost like a prime but I guess it isn't since it is a products rows*columns

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    • Player now moves in grid based movement in tile-sized increments
    • Mouse cursor is now hidden from the game window
    • Created a main menu with play and quit options
    • Game logic is now separated based on the screen
    • Drew out a rough map of the town

    Am I advancing too slowly? Hmm. I am thinking tomorrow I will work on more tile graphics and the town map and maybe start on some music or sound effects.


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