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Thread: New Game forum at Lazarus forums

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    New Game forum at Lazarus forums

    Some of you do know but for those that doesn't visit Lazarus/Free Pascal forums, they added a new forum board for games.

    May be you find interest in the thread where this board was suggested.

    May be this should be at the news section, no?
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    I don't like the tone seen in thread where game section for Lazarus/Free pascal forum was suggested. And don't get me wrong I am not accusing anybody of talking bad about PGD or something.
    The mentioned thread indicates that there is very little activity on PGD lately and it is correct about this. Now why is this was already discussed here a few times. And it always boils down to the simple fact that PGD lacks new content like gaming tutorials and such.
    So who is responsible for PGD not having more of such tutorials? We are! All of us members of PGD are responsible for this. Why? Simply because none of us is making them.
    So why aren't we making them? Well I bet that if you ask each and every PGD member you would get a slightly different answer from him/her. But in the end they would fit into one of these categories:
    • not enough free time: Probably the most common and I must embarrassingly admit to fit in this category.
    • not confident enough in your own knowledge: sometimes we are simply not confident enough in our own knowledge so we chose to not say anything rather than humiliating ourselves. I must shamefully admit that many times I also think that I fit into this category
    • feeling of not being albe to share our knowledge with others: Many times doing something is easier than explaining someone else of how they can do the same thing. So I'm willing to bet that many people don't decide to try and write some tutorial because they don't think they can share their knowledge with others. Not all of us have a gift for sharing our knowledge.
    • simply having low interest for sharing knowledge: There can be many reasons for this like for instance the fact that sharing your knowledge publicly isn't bringing you any profit so some people would rather spend the time the would have used for writing some tutorial by working on their game increasing its value and thus its profits. Unfortunately we live in world where profits matter.

    So does the fact that FPC/Lazarus forum got Game section mean that the new section will thrive and that PGD will ultimately die? I seriously doubt it. Why?
    Sure Game section on FPC/Lazarus forum would have more visitors especially because will probably attract some developers from outside of game development. But in the end those people who weren't willing to make some useful content there on PGD probably won't be much more willing to make such content for FPC/Lazarus forum either. And without such content there won't be much bigger interest in the new Game section as it is here.
    Another thing I have also noted is that the new Game section on FPC/Lazarus forum was created as subsection of "Graphic and Multimedia" section of the forum so I'm guessing that the new Game section on FPC/Lazarus forum is to be focused more or less on graphic and multimedia point of view of games.
    But the games are much more than just some fancy graphics and awesome sounds. There is a lot more in games and in a game development like game logic systems, physics system, networking (in case of multiplayer game), AI and I could go on for quite some time. Just take a glance of various sections of PGD forum we have here.

    Any way I think that PGD forums and FPC/Lazarus forums could work nice hand in hand so I don't see any reason for people of simply jumping from one to another.

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    This is no competition, this thread was missing and game related topic are scattered variously throughout the forum. You can see next 50+ sections which have bigger priority and next 30 with same priority.

    It's in "Graphic and Multimedia" because it fits best. Suggesting it as the main section does not make sense and it doesn't have any big support I think.
    Focus of this section can be presentation of projects (games, engines, libraries), programming advice, FPS/Lazarus/Pascal advertisement, but it depends on users, there is no leader.

    That's all

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    You're right.

    About new content, don't stress ourselves. I mean, we do what we can. And as far as we answer questions here or at Lazarus' forum we're right, aren't we?

    Anyway I'll recommend people to join PGD as I did 'till now.
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    not enough free time: Probably the most common
    I got distracted from all things Pascal for *months* by my custom portable PC project that eats time and money like no tomorrow. I'm already at 3x the expected budget at it only just begun. Would be much worse if I actually damaged my GTX1060 while cutting the unnecessary butt part off with a handsaw (too long; didn't fit).
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    I'm not going to comment on some of what I read in that forum request thread because some of it rubbed me up the wrong way.

    How about this for an idea... people want content right? How about I create a Patreon/MakerSupport account... people donate monthly and I give the amount of time to the site that I would have to spend working for my business to generate the equivalent income.

    How would that go down do you think?
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    As for Silver's comments about why people don't post... completely agree and I don't think he has gone far enough.

    Some people on here can be downright rude about other peoples endeavours and attempts, sometimes being overly critical and picking fault with the smallest of detail. If people are lacking in confidence this will put them off and I will admit the thought of publishing stuff on the site has scared me knowing how picky and critical some people can be.
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