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Thread: Cheb's project will be here.

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    That's a lot of dedication to support windows 98. I was thinking about it too, but it may make more sense to eventually try to add a win9x platform back into fpc 3.2 rather than use 2.6.4, if at all possible. Since it can work for DOS, I assume it should be able to work for Windows 9x. Since I depend on generics a lot, I can't go back below 3.0.4. But this is not a priority for now, or maybe ever.
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    Well, I started developing my engine back in 2003 when I was still using Win98. I kept going at it when I finally moved to Win2k in 2004.

    Quote Originally Posted by de_jean_7777 View Post
    but it may make more sense to eventually try to add a win9x platform back into fpc 3.2
    Not a chance.
    Why? Because it would require making Windows unit use dynamic loading, making a lot of the functions declared there procedural variables.
    The Windows unit in 2.6.4 was effectively *crippled* because of Win98 support in that compiler version. It misses a lot of really useful functions you have to add by yourself if you use 2.6.4.

    I also believe a lot of string handling routines would have to be adapted to detect Win98 and hack around its limitations... which is not always possible, because how do you determine the system locale? It's not always possible. I use a dirty hack "if no Unicode support found assume Russian/cp1251", such things would not fly for the fpc rtl.

    There are too few people interested in Win98.

    WinXP, on the other hand... But WinXP already has all of the WinAPI functions there and working -- except maybe some exotic ones endemic to Win7/8/10. But these should be exceedingly rare.

    Also, there is an abyss of time between WinXP (supported til 2014) and Win98 SE installed from an original CD of 1999 I am aiming to support.

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    Postponed again, due to one definitely, decidedly, I swear I'll never do that again, rehaul.

    1. Compatibility with fpc 2.6.4 dropped forever (now requires 3.2 on Windows and 3.0.4 on Linux)
    2. Support of Windows 98 dropped forever (now requires XP and up).
    3. My unique split architecture is limited to developer mode only, which is limited to Win32 only. Now by default the modules are parts of the main executable.
    Reason: exception handling in threads created by DLLs still does not work in Linux, requiring an exception hack. Doable (I made one for Win32, after all) but why waste so much effort?
    Also saves extra effort on not having to interface a lot of bells and whistles things between the mother exe and the module dll (which is a royal pain because you have to dumb everything down to a C-like API with pointers instead of arrays and strings). Lots of purely cosmetic things are cut out of the devmode DLL now. The DLL doesn't know anything about mother's modules list, on clicking module select it passes control to the hub module built into the exe. It can't have custom loading screen background. And so on.

    P.S. Just look at that double wrapper which allows the DLL working with TSTream instances created by the mother executable. First it is cast to ptruint and called "handle" and a small API made to access its methods via flat cdecl functions accepting handle as one of the parameters. Then, on the DLL side, a class is derived from TStream where methods call on that mother API. Results in a perfectly working TStream on both sides, but implementing it was so much pain

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